The library has plan to construct WAN (Wide Area Network) by connecting with the other medical libraries due to medical libraries are participating libraries in HELLIS Network. It is under WHO which laid down the guideline to access the levels of automation in HELLIS ( Health Literature Library and Information Service) Network Libraries. There are four stages in the levels of library automation.

In current situation, the library stands in the stage four level which is fully automated library or virtual library due to the list of books, journals and theses have been entered in the library database and then all library collection will be changed into digital format by scanning to provide full-text in future.

The library intends to connect with the foreign universities by online system to fulfil the latest medical information needs of teaching staff, students, researchers and clinicians also.

The library will enable to function more effectively and efficiently in resource sharing, dissemination of knowledge and information from anywhere at anytime. Therefore, the library is being implemented to become a fully automated library or virtual library according to the guideline of WHO in future.