Department of Mathematics



Mathematics was taught as a subject to premedical students acted in 1970 when Professor Dr Ba Than as the rector of Institute of Medicine (1). Teaching of Mathematics at the Institute of Medicine (1) was still under the management of the University of Yangon Arts and Science.

Mathematics course include in the premedical curriculum because logical thinking power of Mathematics is need to apply in practical problems to be encountered later in medical careers as practicing or research doctors. With change of concepts in 6th Seminar (Medical Education), the curriculum was transformed accordingly. Teaching hours of Mathematics subject is reduced from (60) hours to (30) hours. In October 2007, Physics and Mathematics were combined into a (3)hours paper and the convener system in the final examination was started in October 2008. In 2012 a new curriculum was revised. For future Academic year with increased teaching hours of 64.Mathematics subject is separated and (2) hours paper.


1. U Maung Maung Tin B.Sc(Maths) 1969-1970
2. Daw Lwin Lwin Kyu B.Sc(Maths)
3. Daw Khin Ma Ma M.Sc( Maths)
4. Daw Kyi Kyi Aung B.Sc (Hons:), M.Sc (Maths), D.Litt,M.Sc(Nagoya) 1971-1972
5. U Thaung Shein M.Sc (Maths) Credit
6. Daw Tin Tin Aye M.A,B.L 1973-1987
7. Daw Khin Aye Nwe M.Sc (Maths) 1987-1994
8. Daw Aye Maw B.Sc, M.Sc (Maths), B.Ed 1994-2008
9. Daw Shu Wai M.Phil (Maths) 2008-2010
10. Daw Nyo Nyo B.Sc (Hons:), M.Sc (Maths) 2011- date

Departmental Objectives

  1. To promote understanding of students in concept of Mathematics and medical science by updated curriculum which are relevant to medical field.
  2. To improve quality of education and status of learning, teaching and research in the field of Mathematics and Medical science especially in mathematics.
  3. To achieve high quality education and research relevant to University’s aims and objectives.

Teaching Faculty

1. Daw Khin Htwe Oo B.Sc (Hons:), M.Sc (Maths) Assistant lecturer
2. Daw Zin Zin Hlaing B.Sc (Hons:), M.Sc (Maths) Assistant lecturer
3. Daw Zin Mar Thin B.Sc (Hons:), M.Sc (Maths) Tutor
4. Daw Yi Thaw Tar Shwe B.Sc (Hons:), M.Sc (Maths) Tutor
5. Daw April Oo B.Sc (Hons:),M.Sc, M.Res (Maths) Tutor

Assessment (Compartment system)

Formative Assessment : in the form of class tests and practical tests
Summative Assessment : theory (MCQ and MSQ) and Practical Exam
Theory paper : Six 3 hours paper: Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Botany, English and Myanmar sar ,
2 hours for Mathematics
Practical : 2 hours for Science subjects
Weighted scores : Class work – 30% in all subjects
 Theory exam – 50%(Chemistry,Physics, Zoology and Botany)
– 70% in English, Myanmar sar and Mathematics
 Practical exam – 20% for Chemistry,Physics, Zoology andBotany
 Total – 100%
Pass Marks : 50% and above for all subjects
Moderation marks : 46% in any one compartment
Distinction : 80% and above for Science subject
  75% and above for English and Myanmar sar
F system : 3F system

Failure in any subject but less than 4 out of 7 subjects is taken as 1F. Supplementary examination will be held 6 weeks after the announcement of final exam results. Those who fail in 4 or more of 7 subjects need to repeat the first year in the next academic year. Students who had failed for 3 attempts must leave the University.

Prescribed Texts

Prescribed Texts is developed by Heads of department of Mathematics from medical Universities according to the curriculum.

Programme Structure ( Department of Mathematics )

No Topic Lecture(Hrs) Discussion/
Small group( Hrs)
1. Mathematical Logic 4 2 6
2. Probability 6 3 9
3. Integral Calculus 6 3 9
4. Statistics 6 3 9
5. Probability Distribution 13 6 19
6. Statistical Estimation 3 1 3
7. Revision 4 4
8. Theory Test (1,2,3) 4
Teaching Aids 64 hrs

References (Department of Mathematics)

No Author Title Publisher Year
1. Wayne W.Daniel
Georgia State University
Biostatistics A Foundation
for Analysis in the Health Sciences
John Wiley & Sons, Inc 10th Edition (2013)
2. Thomas, GB Calculus & analysis Geometry Addison Wesley 12th Edition (2010)
3. DJ Crawshaw & J Chanbers A Concise Course in A Level Statistics Stanley Thornes (LTD) 2nd Edition (2014)
4. Dr. VirenderS.PonniaMee Nakshiponnia Advance Statistics Vishvaharti Publication New Delhi 1st Edition (2011)
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9. Dr. J K Shama Professor Discrete Mathematics TRINITY An imprint of publications Pvt Ltd. 4th Edition 2015

Organogram (Organization Structure)

No: Content Set Up Appointed Vacancy
1 .(a) Lecturer /Head 1 1
(b) Lecturers 3 3
2. Assistant Lecturers 10 3 7
3. Tutors 18 3 15
4. Non Teaching Staff 3 3
Total 35 7 28

Remark ; One Assistant lecturer was assigned to the University Of Medical Technology ,Yangon .

Teaching Staff List

No: Teacher Name Reserve Teacher Name
1. Daw Nyo Nyo (Lecturer /Head) Daw Zin Mar Thin (Tutor)
2. Daw Khin Htwe Oo (AL) Daw Yi Thaw Tar Shwe (Tutor)
3. Daw Zin Zin Hlaing (AL) Daw April Oo (Tutor)

Department of Mathematics – Telephone No. and Email

No: Name Rank Phone Number E-mail
1. Daw Nyo Nyo Lecturer/Head 095046376,
2. Daw Khin Htwe Oo Assistant Lecturer 09450240958
3. Daw Zin Zin Hlaing Assistant Lecturer 0973066134,
4. Daw Zin Mar Thin Tutor 09423719417,
5. Daw Yi ThawTar Shwe Tutor 09259120191
6. Daw April Oo Tutor 09250923369