Department of Emergency Medicine


1.Name of the course

Diploma in Primary Emergency Care ( Dip PEC )


The Diploma in Primary Emergency Cares (Dip in PEC) program is designed for producing initial emergency care doctors in Myanmar. The purpose is to train junior medical officers working in the district and township hospitals in order to deliver initial care to the acutely ill and injured patients before referral or transfer to major tertiary hospitals. The programme includes training necessary basic and advanced life support care in the district level hospitals and attachment to emergency departments of Yangon General Hospital, Nay Pyi Taw 1000 bedded hospital and Mandalay General Hospital for emergency department management training. This diploma course is also a bridging foundation to continue to Master degree MMedSc (Emergency Medicine) courses. The program is run by the Department of Emergency Medicine, the University of Medicine 1, Yangon.

3.Aim and Objectives


To develop and establish standard emergency department cares in district and township hospitals of Myanmar by Primary Emergency Care doctors.


 To produce emergency care providers for the primary cares of emergency medical conditions in emergency departments of major hospitals.
 To develop facilitated emergency departments and emergency medical services in district level by emergency medicine specialists providers.

4.Conferred Degree

After completion of the 1 year course, Diploma of Primary Emergency Cares (Dip in PEC) degree will be conferred and the graduates will be called Specialist Emergency Medical Doctors( Specialist EMD).

5.Duration of the course

The duration of this diploma course is one year in general.