Department of Chest Surgery

Professor Tint Zaw Oo

M.B.,B.S M.Med.Sc (Surgery) F.R.C.S (Ed.)
Dr.Med.Sc (Thoracic Surgery) Diploma in Medical Education

Background History

The first thoracic surgical operation, a pneumonectomy for suppurative lung disease, was performed in Myanmar in 1952 by Dr. Kyee Paw who later became the Professor and Head of Department of Surgery. Thoracic surgical cases were admitted under him together with general surgical cases. In 1971, a separate thoracic surgical unit was established at the Yangon General Hospital (previously RGH) with Dr.TinMaungHtwe as the first consultant thoracic surgeon working with allotted beds in three general surgical wards of those days, viz. wards 17 & 18, wards 13 & 14 and wards 7 & 8. In 1972, a separate ward thoracic surgery was set up in wards 3 & 4.Dr.Tin MaungHtwe served as the Chief of the unit, and Dr. Norman Hla was the first assistant surgeon. In t977, an operating theatre was constructed on the same floor of the ward 3 & \4, and adiacent to it. The ward accommodates 32 in- Datient beds. professor Norman Hla, Professor KhinMaung Aye and Professor MaungMaunBKhin became the heads of the department in the years 1989, 1999 and 2009 respectively. The unit became the Department Hospital in 1993 during the period of Professor Norman Hla. ln addition the name, Rangoon General Hospital   was changed to Yangon General Hospital (YGH) in 1989 as the country’s name-Burma to Mvanmar. In 1996 doctorate programme for thoracic surgery was planned, the first intake, however, was in December 2001. The first Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATs) was introduced in 2010 with a diagnostic procedure, lung biopsy. Therapeutic VATS excision was successfully performed in the same year by Professor Maung Maung Khin and Dr. HtekMyek, a senior consultant. At that time, vATs procedures were just in the learning curve which rose during a few years as the government supplied modern machines and instruments. In June 2014, Thoracic surgical Department was moved from YGH to a 500 bedded new hospital, called Yangon Specialty Hospital, half kilometer away from YGH. Professor Tint zawoo is the Head of the Department to date. Now the Department is run by one professor, one consult and three medical officers only. Human resource is limited, therefore reinforced by Professor HtekMvek from the North Okkalapa General Hospital. Now there are two post graduate prorammes, for doctorate degree and master degree in thoracic surgery. The department produced five doctorate fellows from 2004 to 2015. Currentlv three doctorate students and three students for master degree are under training. Apart from open procedures VATS procedures are carried out approximately 10 patients monthly including VATS thymectomy and pulmonary resections. International cooperation and collaboration are in progress each year with workshops, conference and seminars.

Department Heads

No Name Graduate From - To
1 Dr Tin Maung Htwe M.B.,B.S F.R.C.S(C) (1971 - 1989)
2 Professor Norman Hla M.B.,B.S F.R.C.S(England) F.R.C.S (Ed.)
(1989 - 1999)
3 Professor Khin Maung Aye M.B.,B.S M.Med.Sc (Surgery) F.R.C.S (Ed.) (1999 - 2009)
4 Professor Maung Maung Khin M.B.,B.S M.Med.Sc (Surgery) F.R.C.S (Ed.)
Dr.Med.Sc (Thoracic Surgery)
(2009 - 2014)
5 Professor Tint Zaw Oo M.B.,B.S M.Med.Sc (Surgery) F.R.C.S (Ed.)
Dr.Med.Sc (Thoracic Surgery)
Diploma in Medical Education
(2014 To date)

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