Electronic Resources

 As the library was upgraded as the electronic library in 2003, library functions including data entry, book searching, lending and retrieving all reports such as loan report, fine report, book lists are provided by electronic library management system. Barcode system was also introduced for the lending service since 2003. Postgraduate students and teaching staff can access the internet to search the latest medical information for their research and teaching. The library also provides full text articles to users from HINARI website which is supporting from WHO, it is very effective to students, researchers, teaching staff and also doctors from the hospitals.
  The Intra-institute network (Local Area Network) of computers was commenced in July 2000, with the support of China Medical Board of New York. Fiber optic cable was used as backbone cabling Database servers, Web servers, CD-ROM servers, computers in the library and departmental computers in its network. The students and the faculty members have access to bibliographies, abstracts and catalogue through the LAN and could have more data transfer of information, consultation, communication. At present, the LAN covers the New Building where the New Library was located. The LAN also covers the main building of the Lanmadaw campus, where various departments of the University were established.
  The another LAN connected with the workstations of the teaching departments and the branch library, independently for the pre-clinical medical students was set up at the Pyay Campus in 2007.
  Wide area network (WAN) was constructed by using the Fiber Optic Cable, covering the University of Medicine-1, University of Nursing, New Yangon General Hospital and Yangon General Hospital.
  There are two systems of internet access in the library ( Lanmadaw Campus) such as ADSL and Wi-Fi. ADSL system provides to all workstations connected with the LAN. Wi-Fi system can be accessible in the whole library area . The teaching departments (Pyay Campus) were also initiated the internet access by the ADSL system in 2007.
  The University has already created Website on the internet to provide online access of the medical information to users in 2004. It can be available not only the information of the University but also books and journals list, abstracts of theses and dissertations submitted to the University of Medicine-1 in the Cyber Library segment. There are three Tab Keys in the Cyber Library segment such as MMRDB, Periodicals and Theses. Tab Keys are described: MMRDB for books, Periodical for journals and Theses for Theses/ Dissertations.
  Annotated bibliography of Masters Theses and Dissertations on health and medical sciences in Myanmar (1971-1990) can be accessible on the Website. It was described the abstracts of theses and dissertations submitted to the Universities of Medicine-1,2 and Mandalay from 1971 to 1990.