Department of Microbiology

Prof.Wah Win Htike

MBBS , M.Med.Sc(Microbiology), Ph.D (Medical Microbiology), Dip Med.Ed

Background History

Since the inception of the Rangoon Medical College in 1925, the Department of Bacteriology functioned jointly with the Department of Pathology in terms of administration undet what was known as the Department of Pathology and Bacterioloy. However, Bacterioloyg including Medical Zoology, was taught as separate subjects together with Pathology in the third MBBS undergraduate medical course.
In 1958, the Department became an independent one in the faculty of Medicine of the University of Rangoon, teaching Bacterioloyg, Virology, Parasitology, Mycology and Immunology, Although separated, laboratories and staffs premises continued to be shared with the Department of Pathology.
With the development of the study of microoraganisms which included not only bacteria but also parasites, viruses, fungi and with further advances in  Immunology, a decision was made at the Medical Education  Seminar held in May, 1964 that if would be more appropriate for the former Department of Bacteriology to be known as the Department of Microbiology. This decision was implemented on December 1, 1964 and the Department of Microbiology  formally came into existence.
On December 4 of the same year, the Department of Microbiology shifted of the ground floor of the Institute of Medicine(1), Lanmadaw.
A clinical side-room at the Rangoon  General Hospital, which functioned since the Institute reopended after World War II, was administered jointly  with the Department of Pathology until Fevbruary 1967. From the academic year 1967-68 , the clinical side-room work was conducted in the laboratory of the Department of Microbiology at the Institute of Medicine (1).
Since the opening of the diploma course in 1971, the Department of Microbiology has been affiliated with the Microbiology laboratory of the Yangon General Hospital in terms of training of the postgraduate students as well as rotatiolnal assignments of the teaching staff off and on.

Department Heads

No Name Graduate From - To
1 Prof.Daw Hpay MBBS, DTM & H (Eng,), Dip,Bact,(London),
MPH(Harv,), MRCP path (London)
2 Prof.Daw Nyunt Nyunt MBBS, Dip.bacts, (London), Ph.D (Manchester) (1979-1983)
3 Prof.Daw Khin Kyi Kyi MBBS, Dip.Bact.(London), Ph.D (London) (1983-1990)
4 Prof.Ronald Sein Dwe MBBS, D.Bact. (1990-1994)
5 Prof.Daw Mala Maung MBBS, D.Bact.,Ph.D (London) (1995-1997)
6 Prof.Myint Aung MBBS, D.Bact. M.Med.Sc(Microbiology), Ph.D(Hon)(Ygn) (1997-1998)
7 Prof.Kyi Kyi Thinn MBBS, D.Bact., Ph.D (London),
Ph.D(Hon),(Ygn),FACTM (Australia)
9 Prof.Wah Win Htike MBBS , M.Med.Sc(Microbiology),
Ph.D (Medical Microbiology), Dip Med.Ed
(2013-to date)

Contact Ph. No and Email

No Name Rank Phone Number Email
1 Prof. Wah Win Htike Professor /Head 09254073884
2 Prof. Mon Mon Professor 095153445
3 Dr. Tin Ohn Myat Associate Professor 095169684
4 Dr. Khin May Oo Associate Professor 09504390
5 Dr. Than Than Su Associate Professor 095112311
6 Dr. Aye Malar Win Associate Professor 095186882
7 Dr. Hla Nu Kyi Associate Professor 095169797
8 Dr. Nann Nwe Win Lecturer 095169110
9 Dr. Hla Sein Lecturer 095192121
10 Dr. Khine Mar Oo Lecturer 095166375
11 Dr. Wai Wai Min Lecturer 095138544
12 Dr. Win Thandar Oo Assistant Lecturer 095193197
13 Dr. Thandar Win Maung Assistant Lecturer 095027916
14 Dr. Aye Mi San Assistant Lecturer 09799651595
15 Dr. Moe Yee Soe Demonstrator 095193739
16 Dr. Okkar Kyaw Demonstrator 09400454419
17 Dr. May Barni Han Demonstrator 095163808
18 Dr. May Thu Lwin Demonstrator 095162327
19 Dr. Yin Min Htet Demonstrator 09799443744 cutekittygirl11@
20 Dr. Su Myat Sandar Demonstrator 095340312
21 Dr. Shwe Phyu Aung Demonstrator 09799677908
22 Dr. Khin Thandar Myo Nyunt Demonstrator 09795939155
23 Dr. Phyu Phyu han Demonstrator 095082357
24 Dr. Theigi Win Myat Demonstrator 095172717
25 Dr. Phue Pwint Thynn Demonstrator 0943161629
26 Dr. Myat Thu Zar Demonstrator 09796633105
27 Dr. Aye Mya Thu Demonstrator 095501302
28 Dr. Khine Wuttyee Thynn Demonstrator 095196185
29 Dr. Hsu Mon Wai Hlaing Demonstrator 095410095
30 Dr. Moe Pwint Demonstrator 09450222397