Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Prof Daw San San Myint

M.B., B.S, Dip. Med. Education, , M. Med. Sc (OG), MRCOG (UK), ,
Dr. Med. Sc (OG), FRCOG (UK)

Background History

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology is based at the Central Women Hospital, which is a teaching hospital affiliated to University of Medicine (1), Institute of Nursing & Central Midwifery Training School training center.
Training programmes for different undergraduate & postgraduate trainees are available as follows: For medical doctors, there are undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses: Undergraduate courses are conducted for final Part I M.B.,B.S, Final Part II M.B.,B.S and House Officers. Postgraduate courses currently running in the hospital are for M. Med. Sc (OG) (3 years course), Dr. M. Med. Sc (OG), Dr. M. Med. Sc (Gynaecological oncology), Dr. M. Med. Sc (Reproductive Health), M. Med. Sc (Pathology), M. Med. Sc (Radiology), M. Med. Sc. (Paediatrics), M. Med. Sc (Anaesthesia), M. Med. Sc (Emergency Medicine) Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Diploma in Family Medicine Diploma in Emergency Medicine. M.R.C.O.G Candidates are trained for their part 1 and 2 requirements.

Department Heads

No Name Graduate From - To
1 Prof: Daw Yin May M.B.B.S, F.R.C.P., F.R.C.S (10.1956 – 12.1959)
2 Prof: Daw Khin Si M.B.B.S, F.R.C.O.G (1959 - 1976)
3 Prof: Daw Hla Kyi M.B.B.S, F.R.C.O.G, F.A.C.O.G (2.1976 – 1.1983)
4 Prof: Daw Khin Nu M.B.B.S, F.R.C.O.G (2.1983 -5.1988)
5 Prof: Daw Kyu Kyu Swe M.B.B.S, F.R.C.O.G (5.1988 – 12.1988)
6 Prof: Daw Mya Mya M.B.B.S, F.R.C.O.G (12.1988 -2.1993)
7 Prof: Daw Hla Hla Myaing M.B.B.S, F.R.C.O.G (2.1993 -2.2000)
8 Prof: Daw Than Than Tin M.B.B.S, M. Med. Sc (O&G),
Dr. Med. Sc, F.R.C.O.G(UK), MFFP(UK)
(6.2000 – 3.2009)
9 Prof: Daw Win Win Mya M.B.B.S, M. Med. Sc (OG), Dip. Med Education,
M.R.C.O.G, Dr. Med. Sc (OG), FRCOG
(4.2009 – 7.2013)
10 Prof: Dr. Mya Thida M.B.B.S, M. Med. Sc (OG), Dip. Med Education, ,
Dr. Med. Sc (OG), M.R.C.O.G (UK), ,
11 Prof: Dr. San San Myint M.B., B.S, Dip. Med. Education, ,
M. Med. Sc (OG), MRCOG (UK), ,
Dr. Med. Sc (OG), FRCOG (UK)
(15.10.2015 – to date)

Contact Ph. No and Email

No Name Rank Phone Number Email
1 Prof Daw San San Myint Professor and Head 09-5001236
2 Prof Daw Khin Latt Professor 09-5188330
3 Prof Daw Aye Aye Thein Professor 09-5130384
4 Dr. Soe Lwin Associate Professor 09-5015472
5 Dr. Myint Thet Mon Associate Professor 09-5117181
6 Dr. Myat Chit Swe Associate Professor 09-5142533
7 Dr. Sanda Saw Associate Professor 09-5188245
8 Dr. May Myo Kywe Associate Professor 09-5046795
9 Dr. Wai Wai Myint Associate Professor 09-5017572
10 Dr. Sandar Moe Lecturer 09-5192352
11 Dr. Mee Mee Thet Lecturer 09-5121566
12 Dr. Win Thida Hlaing Lecturer 09-5010978
13 Dr. Nay Nwe Aung Lecturer 09-5046648
14 Dr. Win Win Aye Lecturer 09-5501287
15 Dr. Wint Lay Naing Lecturer 09-450599924
16 Dr. Khin Nandar Aung Lecturer 09-5010171
17 Dr. Khine Khine Soe Lecturer 09-5158837
18 Dr. Kyi Swe Win Assistant Lecturer 095174090
19 Dr. Kyi May Htet Assistant Lecturer 09-5098979
20 Dr. Shwe Kyaw Assistant Lecturer 09-5031749
21 Dr. Nang Yuzana Zaw Assistant Lecturer 09-505412
22 Dr. Yu Nandar Aung Assistant Lecturer 09-5003049
23 Dr. May Zin Soe Assistant Lecturer 09- 5054710
24 Dr. May Thu Tun Assistant Lecturer 095192627
25 Dr. Lae Yee Swe Assistant Lecturer 09540819 6