Department of Radiation Oncology

Background History

The Radiotherapy department was founded in 1958 with the aid of Columbo plan.  It started with a Canadian team which consisted of radiotherapist, Dr.Cunningham, Physicist Mr. Bush and Nurse, Ms. Goodall and Dr.Benett.  The department initially had a Junior Theratron Cobalt 60 and general electric deep X-ray machine.  Now two linear accelerator machines, tow Cobalt machines, one HDR machine for brachytherapy and it’s accessories (applicators), two CT simulators, one conventional X-ray, one C-arm and one Negative Isolator machine for Chemotherapy preparation are available for patient management.

Department Heads

No Name From – To
1 Dr. U Tin Aung
M.B,B.S, D.M.R.T
1958 -1985
2 Dr. U Myo Tint
M.B,B.S, D.M.R.T
1985 - 1989
3 Dr. Daw Than Than Oo
M.B,B.S, D.M.R.T
1989 - 1994
4 Dr. U San Tun Aung
M.B,B.S, D.M.R.T
1992 - 1994
5 Dr. Daw Than Than Oo
M.B,B.S, D.M.R.T
1994 - 1997
6 Dr. Daw Thida San
M.B,B.S, D.M.R.T
M.Med.Sc (Radiation Oncology)
1997 - 2006
7 Dr. U Soe Oo Maung
M.B,B.S, D.M.R.T
M.Med.Sc (Radiation Oncology)
2006 - 2014
8 Dr. Daw Khin Cho Win
M.B,B.S, M.Med.Sc (Radiation Oncology)
2015 - Up To Now

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