Department of Radiation Oncology

Dr. Daw Khin Cho Win

M.B,B.S, M.Med.Sc (Radiation Oncology)

Background History

The Radiotherapy department was founded in 1958 with the aid of Columbo plan.  It started with a Canadian team which consisted of radiotherapist, Dr.Cunningham, Physicist Mr. Bush and Nurse, Ms. Goodall and Dr.Benett.  The department initially had a Junior Theratron Cobalt 60 and general electric deep X-ray machine.  Now two linear accelerator makyawtkyawtnaing @gmail.comchines, tow Cobalt machines, one HDR machine for brachytherapy and it’s accessories (applicators), two CT simulators, one conventional X-ray, one C-arm and one Negative Isolator machine for Chemotherapy preparation are available for patient management.

Department Heads

No Name Graduate From - To
1 Dr. U Tin Aung M.B,B.S, D.M.R.T 1958 -1985
2 Dr. U Myo Tint M.B,B.S, D.M.R.T 1985 - 1989
3 Dr. Daw Than Than Oo M.B,B.S, D.M.R.T 1989 - 1994
4 Dr. U San Tun Aung M.B,B.S, D.M.R.T 1992 - 1994
5 Dr. Daw Than Than Oo M.B,B.S, D.M.R.T 1994 - 1997
6 Dr. Daw Thida San M.B,B.S, D.M.R.T
M.Med.Sc (Radiation Oncology)
1997 - 2006
7 Dr. U Soe Oo Maung M.B,B.S, D.M.R.T
M.Med.Sc (Radiation Oncology)
2006 - 2014
8 Dr. Daw Khin Cho Win M.B,B.S, M.Med.Sc (Radiation Oncology) 2015 - Up To Now

Contact Ph. No and Email

No Name Rank Phone Number Email
1 Professor Khin Cho Win Professor & Head 0943016769 dr.yehtutkhinchowin
2 Dr. Moe Hlaing SCS 095123783 dr.moehlaing
3 Dr. Mie Mie Thwe SCS 09780042500 min.soe800
4 Dr. Yin Thu Win SCS 09425319921 yinthuwin65
5 Dr. Lay Aung CS 095038763
6 Dr. Kyawt Kyawt Naing CS 0951537739 kyawtkyawtnaing
7 Dr. Yin Yin Nu CS 095173553
8 Dr. Sein War War Sein CS 095415335 seinwarwarsein
9 Dr. War War Myin Zu CS 09739011165 wahwahmyintzu
10 Dr. Ngu War Than CS 095046956 nguwahthan
11 Dr. Lin Lin Kyi CS 0973050945 linlinkyi1997

News and Activities