Department of Radiology

Prof. Than Than Sint

MBBS, DMRD, MMedSc, DrMedSc (Radiology)

Background History

Radiological service has been given in YGH since 1930 with technicians hired from India. Dr D.C Vermani, DMRE acted as Radiologist in YGH from 1937 to 1951. In 1958 at the time of Dr U Kyaw Aung, Radio-diagnosis and Radiotherapy became separate departments, and diagnostic angiography has been done since then. In 1981, Dr U Tun Yee became first Professor and Head of Radiology.
In 1972, DMRD (Diploma in Medical Radio-Diagnosis), a two-year course, was opened. DMRD was closed in 1994. M.Med.Sc (Radiology), a two year course, was opened in 1992 and it was changed to three year course from 2014. In 2002, Dr.Med.Sc (Radiology) was opened. Dip.Med.Sc  (Radiology) was opened in  2015.
Grey-scale Ultrasound machine was first used in YGH in 1979.Since 1981 December, Head CT has been done in Neurology department, YGH and in 1987, whole body CT in NYGH. Recently in YGH, there are functioning four CT machines. In 1987, Prof U Saw Than Tun Aung began to practise  intervention Radiology procedures. New Interventional Radiology machine was installed in 2014 and Interventional Radiology procedures were performed from Feb, 2015. MRI services was given in YGH from  December, 2003.
1.5 T MRI was installed in 2015.

Department Heads

No Name Graduate From - To
1 Dr. Tha Din (1952)
2 Dr. Kyaw Aung (1958-1981)
3 Prof. Tun Yee (1981-1988)
4 Prof. Htay Myint (1988-1990)
5 Prof. Saw Than Tun Aung (1991-1994)
6 Prof. Myint Kyu (1994-2005)
7 Prof. Lin Tun Tun (2005-2014)
8 Prof. Oung Min Oo (2014-2015)
9 Prof. Than Than Sint MBBS, DMRD, MMedSc, DrMedSc (Radiology) (2015- 2018)
10 Prof.Khin Lay Su MBBS, DMRD, MMedSc, DrMedSc (Radiology) (2018-until now)

Contact Ph. No and Email

No Name Rank Phone Number Email
1 Prof. Than Than Sint Prof/Head 09.5011500
2 Prof. Khin Lay Su Prof/Head 09.73238256
3 Prof. Dr. Thandar Lwin Professor 09.5148747
4 Dr. Seinn Moh Moh Lecturer 09.5046512
5 Dr. Nyo Mar Than Swe Lecturer 09.31787962
6 Dr. Tin Nwet Nwet Win Lecturer 09.5058737
7 Dr. Thaw Thaw Hlaing Lecturer 09.5149236
8 Dr. Khin Thandar Oo Lecturer 09. 254104141
9 Dr.Seint Thandar Khine Lecturer
10 Dr.Naw Paw Say Wah Assistant Lecturer 09.5028347