Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery


Brief History

The Department of Hepato-Biliary and Pancreatic Surgery was founded on 1st January 2014. The first patient was admitted on 18th June 2014 and the first successful operation had performed on 8th July 2014.
A new building was opened on 7th October 2017 within the compound of YSH in which 3 departments reside: Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, Uro Surgery and Thoracic Surgery. The building is equipped with well-equipped operation theatres and ICU. The ground floor housed an out-patient clinic rooms, Radiology and Pathology. HIFU Center was opened on: 19th June 2015. To date, more than 30 patients with malignant tumours of liver and pancreas were treated by using HIFU. In HIFU patients, 59% were males and 41% females. The HIFU procedure was completed in 33% of patients whereas only had partial treatment in 67%. Most of the patients who underwent HIFU procedure were HCC patients i.e. 93%
The first Liver Transplant, DDLT, was successfully performed 2004 at NYGH in 2004. So history of liver transplant was eleven years earlier before establishment of the Hepatobiliary Surgical Department. At the same hospital 5 years later in 2009, a 2nd Liver Transplant LDLT was performed. Both patients were doing well until post-transplant 12 years in 1st case and 7 years in 2nd case. These operations were led by Myanmar Surgeon Professor Norman Hla and surgical team. It is recorded in history for Professor Norman Hla as a Pioneer of Liver transplant in Myanmar. Former & first Professor and Head of HBP Department, Prof Than Lwin, tried to set up for Liver transplant program and developed the infrastructure with the support of Ministry of Health. At the same time, a team was built by sending trainees to oversea centre. After that, 3rd LDLT was operated in July 2015 but unfortunately the patient was lost. 4th LDLT, which was performed in February 2016, had liver failure after 64 post op days.
During this time, three events occurred as follow: (1) As a scholarship program between RACS and UM(1)- 2 month training in Transplant center in New Zealand and Australia; (2) Korea Myanmar Transplant Collaboration; (3) “Transplant in Myanmar Past, Present and Future” symposium was led by MAMS on 3rd July 2016

Liver Transplant Training: Liver transplant program is a complex procedure and needs to involve Multidisciplinary team. As a human resource training,

  1. 4 Surgeons for observation
  2. 3 Surgeons for 6 month training
  3. 28 trainees for one month training from other disciplines such as Anaesthesia, Hepatology, Pathology, Nursing and Lab technology.
  4. 2 Interventional Radiologists
  5. 2 Radiologists for CT and 3 Technicians


  • To Treat Our Patients With Best Possible Standard Care
  • To Be An Established Liver Transplant Centre Via International Collaboration, Research & Team
  • Skill Training


  • To Develop National Liver Transplant Program
  • To Become Well Established Liver Transplant Center To The International Standard of Care
  • To Conduct Researches For Better Outcomes of HBP Diseases Management And
  • To Train Young Generations HBP Surgeons

International Collaboration : To get training for Liver Transplantation and medical education with international bodies from: Korea, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, United Kingdom, and Singapore.

Future plan is to become National Liver Transplant program to the international standard of care and conduct researches for better outcomes of HBP disease management.


8.U Nay Win ThanSenior Consultants
1. Professor Tin Tin Mar Head of Department
2. U Sai Aung Nyunt Oo Associate Professors
3. U Saw Marldo Thein Associate Professors
4. U Nyi Nyi Swe Associate Professors
5. U Lin Tun Thein Associate Professors
6. U Min Htin Associate Professors
7. U Saw Marldo Thein Senior Consultants
9. Daw Ei Ei Khine Consultants
10. Daw Ngu Thinzar Kyaw Kyaw Consultants
11. Daw Tin Myo Thet Consultants
12. U Myo Zin Consultants
13. Daw Lwin Lwin Naing Assistant Lecturer
14. U Nay Win Nyunt Specialist AS
15. U Sai Saing Wan Kham Specialist AS
16. Daw Pyae Pa Pa Kyaw Specialist AS

Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery – Telephone No. and Email

No Name Rank Phone Number Email
1. Dr.Tin Tin Mar Prof & Head 095008588
2. Dr. Nyi Nyi Swe AP 095022825
3. Dr. Sai Aung Nyunt Oo AP 09448539062
4. Dr. Saw Maldo Thein AP 095022806
5. Dr. Lin Tun Thein AP 095028984
6. Dr. Min Htin AP 095182320
7. Dr. Nay Win Than SCS 095502085
8. Dr. Myo Zin JCS 092006285
9. Dr. Ei Ei Khine JCS 095419213
10. Dr. Tin Myo Thet JCS 095059667
11. Dr. Ngu Tinzar Kyaw Kyaw JCS 09448000928
12. Dr. Lwin Lwin Naing AL 095213602
13. Dr. Pyae Pa Pa Kyaw FA 095185563
14. Dr. Sai Saing Wan Kham FA 095214049
15. Dr. Nay Win Nyunt FA 0943108981


Department Activities

1. Operation

Every day is an operating day and usually 2 major operations on malignancies and 1 laparoscopic procedure for benign conditions.

2. The out-patient department

Every Wednesday and Thursday of the week is an out patients day of the department. Every Wednesday is for New cases whereas Thursday is a follow up day for patients. The average number of patients attending to OPD and follow up clinics is more than 50 patients and sometimes patients are admitted to the ward immediately if required.

3. Academic Activities

CME is being held every Monday on topics related to HBP surgery and Liver transplant. It is usually attended by all the doctors from the ward and post-grad students on-shifts (second year PGs). The meeting room is set-up with multimedia facilities and internet. Mortality & Morbidity meeting is held once a month on every Monday of the first week. Every Thursday of first and third week of each month is the HBP meeting which is attended by doctors from General Surgery, Hepatology, radiology, pathology and HBP Surgery. The Transplant meeting is usually held on Thursday of first week of every month after the HBP meeting which is attended by Hepatology, HBP surgery and people from administrative body. The department undergraduate teaching involved Final Part II student of General surgical shifts on every Thursday morning by Professor, Associate Professors, and Lecturers.

4. Academic Studies

There are several on-going studies in the department. Firstly, we are making studies on malignant conditions of liver and also on benign conditions of the hepato-biliary pancreatic system. Sepsis study is being made monthly and compiled data will be analysed at the end of each study year. Also there is a study on various therapeutic modalities of HCC which includes Surgery, RFA, TACE or TACI, HIFU, Laser ablation and various models of palliative medical treatment. A total of 5 posters were submitted at international hepatobiliary and liver transplant conferences.