A first medical department was formed in 1923 at University College of the University of Rangoon and it was accommodated in the Government Medical School. The Medical Department of University College was moved into the new building on 25th October 1929. The foundation stone of the medical college building (the present University Institute of Medicine 1 building) at the junction of Godwin Road (now Myoma Kyaung Road) and Commissioner road (now Bokgyoke Aung San Road) was laid by H.E. Sir Harcourt Butler, Governor of Burma, on 2nd February 1927. The library was opened at the back room of the new building. In 1930, it became Medical college under Rangoon University together with other Colleges namely Rangoon College, Judson College and Teacher Training College. In 1945, during the war as the medical school building was taken by the military authorities and converted into a hospital, a good collection of specimens were lost as well as books from the library. In 1946, after the medical college building was returned to the Rangoon University, converted as the faculty of medicine the library also became the faculty of medicine library. In 1964, as the reorganization of the education system the faculty of medicine became the Institute of Medicine-1 also Institute of Medicine 1 library. In 1973, as three medical institutes and dental medicine were transferred and reorganized from the Ministry of Education to the Ministry of Health, the Institute of Medicine 1 library also moved to the Ministry of Health. As the increasing of books and journals it was not convenient to put at the primary building, medical journals were moved to the recreation room. In 1964, anatomy museum was moved to Pyay Road and then the library was opened at that place. Only by the volunteer teachers supervised at the start of the library and then permanent staff were appointed in 1959. Professor U Mya Tu ,Physiology Department who interested in library , carried out as a part time honorary librarian. The library run without qualified staff until the end of 1966. U Maung Maung Win, Dip.Lib.(Cal.), was appointed as the first librarian. A post for assistant librarian was expended and appointed to Daw Than Tin. Next post for assistant librarian was also intended for the branch of the library at Pyay Road, U Kyi Thaung for this post was attached to the main library as the branch library could not be opened. Previously, Institute of Medicine-1 library run by five staff including three qualified staff. Books, journals and users were although increased the library could not be extended for further more. At this place, it existed from 1964 to March 2000. At the end of the year 2000, the library was moved to the present building which is four stores building next to the main building. Institute of Medicine-1 was renamed the University of Medicine 1 in 2005. Today, the library functions with eleven staff including five core staff. The librarians of the University of Medicine-1 are as follow:  
1. U Maung Maung Win              B.Sc, B.L, Dip.Lib (Cal), Dip.Fr.                               ( 1967 – 1992 )  
2. Daw Khin Thet Kyi Kyi            B.Sc, B.L, Dip.Lib.Sc.                                          ( 1993 – 1996 )  
3. Daw Khin Maw Maw Tun        B.Sc, Dip.Lib.Sc, M.A, M.Res,Dip.Global English                   (1996 to date )