Department of Mental Health



During 1940s and 1950 , psychiatry was taught  by The Professor of Medicine.From 1960 onwards, when Dr. U Ne Win became the first Psychiatrist as well as Medical Superintendent of Yangon Psychiatric  Hospital , he and other notable psychiatrists gave lectures and clinical teaching to their undergraduate medical students , post graduate candidates and other medical auxiliaries.
Diploma in Psychological Medicine was imitated in 1987 at the same institute. The duration of course was 18 months. In 2989,Department of Psychiatry was established in Institute of Medicine (1), Yangon. Along with department , professorial post in psychiatry was conferred to Dr.TheinHtayPe.
Then in the year 2000 the diploma course was upgrade to master course. To keep abreast with the current situation and in view of the policy of health in emphasizing promotive and preventive aspects, the course changed its name from Master of Medical Science (Psychiatry) to Master of Medical Science (Mental Health ) and Department as the Department of Mental Health.
The field of Mental Health has also expanded worldwide and mental health issues are increasingly being recognized as critical. The area to be studied for mental health field become expanded. To accomplish this requirement, the current curriculum of M.Med.Sc (Mental Health) has been reviewed and revised and changed from 2 year course to 3 year course at 2014.

Department Heads

1. Prof:Thane HtayPe
M.B.,B.S , D.P.M (London)
(13.2.89 – 12.4.90)
2. Prof:MaungKo
M.B.,B.S , D.P.M (London)  
(4.9.90 – 16.3.97)
3. Prof:MyintMyint May
 (24.3.97 – 7.8.97)
4. Prof:Sao Sai Lon
M.B.,B.S , D.P.M
 (18.7.97 – 19.4.03)
5. Prof: HlaHtay
M.B.,B.S , D.P.M , M.Med.Sc(Psychiatry)
 (20.4.03 – 19.4.07)
6. Prof: KhinMaungGyee
M.B.,B.S , D.P.M (London)
Dip in Addiction Behavior(London)
 (10.7.07 – 13.4.11)
7. Prof: Win Aung Myint
M.B.,B.S , D.P.M , M.Med.Sc(Psychiatry)
( 1.11.11- 7.7.15)
8.  Prof: Tin Oo
M.B.,B.S , D.P.M , M.Med.Sc(Psychiatry)
( 9.15 – to date)

Senior Teaching Staff

1. Prof.Than Than Aye Professor , University of Medicine 1
2. Dr.NyoNyo Aung Senior Consultant/Associate Professor
Mental Health Hospital Yangon
3. Dr.Aung ZawMyint Senior Consultant-
Mental Health Hospital Yangon
4. Dr.HtunSandar Lin  Lecturer, University of Medicine 1
5. Dr.Le Le Khine Lecturer , University of Medicine 1


  1. To provide the basic knowledge about prevention and management of mental disorders to all doctors.
  2. To produce competence Psychiatrist.
  3. To promote mental health of people from Myanmar.
  4. To do research in mental health