Department of Dermatology

Prof. Khine Khine Zaw

M.B.,B.S(Ygn); Ph.D (Dermatology) (Japan)

Background History

Department of Dermatology, Yangon General Hospital was founded in 1951 by Dr. Tha Hla as STD and Dermatology Unit in Yangon General Hospital. Since 1992, Department of Dermatology takes care mainly of dermatologic patients and the Central STD clinic of STD Control Program takes care of STD patients.

Departmental Objectives
To produce trained medical officers in the field of dermatology with sound knowledge and skill of advanced level whose services will be utilized in the health care of the State and Divisional hospitals and also in teaching and research related to the field of dermatology.

Courses offered
University of Medicine (1) Post-graduate courses
1. Diploma in STD and Dermatology Course: a one academic year course and altogether 4 courses were conducted from 1998 to 2001
2. M.Med.Sc(Dermatology) Course : conducting a three academic year course
3. Dermatology lectures for Dr.Med.Sc (Rheumatology) course
4. Dermatology lectures for M.Med.Sc courses : Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Paediatrics
5. Diploma in STD, Diploma in Medical Science (Family Medicine) course
University of Medicine (1) Under-graduate courses
1. Final Part II pre-block dermatology lectures
Other courses
Dermatology lectures are provided to
1. Defense Services Medical Academy, M.Med.Sc(Physical Medicine, Internal medicine,Paediatric)
2. University of Medical Technology
3. University of Nursing students

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Departmental Research Themes
Hospital based clinical dermatology researches are done by the department staffs and post-graduate students. Connective tissue diseases, papulosquamous diseases and immune-bullous diseases special clinics are operated to do the prospective studies of disease course and response to current treatment options and to compare the difference between patient factors, treatment response among accepted treatment options.    

Department Heads

No Name Graduate From - To
1 Dr. Nwe Win Before 1951
2 Dr. Tha Hla M.B.,B.S(Ygn); D.V.D(Madras); F.D.S(London) 1951 to 1986
3 Dr. Aye Nyein M.B.,B.S(Ygn) D.V.D(Vienna) 1986 to 1992
4 Prof. Aye Nyein M.B.,B.S(Ygn) D.V.D(Vienna) 1992 to 1995
5 Prof. Min Swe M.B.,B.S(Ygn) D.V.D(Vienna) 1995 to 1999
6 Dr. Myint Myint Gyi M.B.,B.S(Ygn) D.D(Bangkok) M.Med.Sc(Dermatology) 1999 to 2006
7 Dr. Hla Shwe M.B.,B.S(Ygn) D.D(Bangkok) M.Med.Sc(Dermatology) 2006 to 2007
8 Prof. Khine Khine Zaw M.B.,B.S(Ygn); Ph.D (Dermatology) (Japan) 2008 onwards

Contact Ph. No and Email

No Name Rank Phone Number Email
1 Prof Khine Khine Zaw Professor and Head +959443055790
2 AP Dr Swe Zin Win Associate Professor +959250081918
3. Dr Aung Gyi Associate Professor +95973901714 aunggyi.k
4. Dr Khin Moe Myint Associate Professor +9595187149 dr.khinmoemyint
5. Dr San Yay Aye Lecturer +9592024420
6 Dr Thuya Kyaw Lecturer +9595301072
7. Dr Thu Wai Hlaing Lecturer +9595310828
8. Dr Ei Phyu Phyu Mon Lecturer +959420111152
9. Dr Wah Wah Aung Assistant Lecturer +9595107344
10. Dr Zun Thu Thu Soe Assistant Lecturer +9595385749