Department of Pharmacology

Prof. Dr Nu Nu Aye

M.B.,B.S.(Rgn), Ph.D. (Nagoya, Japan), Dip.Med.Ed.

Background History

When the faculty of Medicine was reopened in 1946 in Lanmadaw campus, Yangon. Pharmacology department functioned with one part time lecturer, one assistant lecturer and one demonstrator. One full time lecturer, one assistant lecturer and three demonstrators were appointed later. In 1951, Dr. Robert G. Page was appointed as advisor in pharmacology and worked here for two years. Dr. William Law, lecturer and head of department became the first pharmacologist in the field of medicine in Myanmar in 1955 after obtaining a Ph.D. degree from the University of Edinburgh. In 1956, a WHO advisor in Pharmacology, Dr. Roger A. Lewis, A.B., M.D., helped him for a year. Dr William Law served as lecturer and head of the department till his sudden death on Christmas day 1964. His duties were taken up by Dr. U Myint Than, B.Sc., M.B.,B.S., Ph.D., Director (Medical Division), Burma Pharmaceutical Industry, who was appointed as part-time head of the department. From 1965 to 1967, he was helped by Dr. S.E. Smith, M.A., B.M., B.Ch., D.A., a Columbo Plan advisor in Pharmacology.
In 1967, Dr. Daw Khin Kyi Kyi (1), M.B.,B.S.(Rgn), Ph.D.(Canada) became the head of the department. Then, a professor post had been created and total strength of the teaching staff had been increased to fourteen. Dr. Daw Khin Kyi Kyi, a role model in the field of pharmacology, worked energetically and was one of the leading members of Medical Education Unit.
Prior to 1967, teaching of pharmacology was concentrated on knowledge of the Materia Medica- therapeutic action, clinical use, doses, and side effects of the known medicinal compounds. Pharmacy and dispensing were also taught, as ready-made patent medicines were less available and most clinics had to make up their own prescriptions – cough mixtures, antacids, diaphoretics, diuretics etc. Anti- infectives were confined to the sulphonamides, penicillins, tetracycline and chloramphenicol.
In the late 60s, the heads of the department of the three institutes, with their experience during their training for the Ph.D., felt the need to change in the pharmacology curriculum in the three institutes to keep up with the changing trends and curriculum of the Medical Institutes of other countries. With the discovery of newer drugs with action on receptors, enzymes etc., it became necessary to teach actions and effects at the molecular level for more effective use of the drugs. This necessity became more apparent with the discovery of newer generations of the antibiotics and other drugs like anti cancer agents.
As patent medicines for most conditions became available and dispensing at clinics was no more done, and pharmacy practical were deleted from the curriculum to reduce the heavy and increasing load of the pharmacology curriculum.
In 1974, a post graduate course in pharmacology which confers the degree of Master of Medical Science was introduced. The first candidate obtained her master degree in 1980. In 1998, another post graduate course conferring the degree of Ph.D. (Pharmacology) was introduced. The candidates are limited only to M.Med.Sc. (Pharmacology) degree holders. The first candidate gained his doctorate in the year 2005.
In 2016, a postgraduate diploma course which confer the degree of diploma in clinical pharmacology has been started to open. The purpose of this course is to produce doctors as clinical pharmacologists who can support clinicians for better therapeutic managements at tertiary hospitals. Those who have M.Med.Sc. (Pharmacology) are eligible to sit entrance exam of the course.

Department Heads

No Name Graduate From - To
1 Dr. William Law Ph.D. (University of Edinburgh) 1955-9164
2 Dr. Myint Than B.Sc., M.B.,B.S., Ph.D. 1965-1967
3 Dr. Daw Khin Kyi Kyi (1) M.B.,B.S.(Rgn), Ph.D. (Canada) 1967-1988
4 Dr. Daw Kin Ma Gyi M.B.,B.S.(Rgn), Ph.D. (London) 1988-1990
5 Dr. U Win Maw M.B.,B.S.(Rgn),
M.Med.Sc. ( Pharmacology),
Ph.D. (London)
6 Prof. Dr. Nang Hla Hla Win M.B.,B.S.(Rgn), Ph.D. (Nagoya, Japan),
7 Prof. Dr. Nu Nu Aye 2017 - date

Contact Ph. No and Email

No Name Rank Phone Number Email
1 Dr. Nang Hla Hla Win Professor/Head 09-5189928
2 Dr. Myat Myat Soe @ Khin Myat Soe Associate Professor 09-5137698
3 Dr. Yin Moe Thwe Associate Professor 095055758
4 Dr. Thida Tun Associate Professor 095027696
5 Dr. K Khine Thu Associate Professor 095152408
6 Dr. Lwin Moe May Lecturer 095154571
7 Dr. Khine Mar Zaw Lecturer 095018226
8 Dr. Aye Win Han Assistant Lecturer 095100178
9 Dr. Ei Mon Kyaw Assistant Lecturer 092301835
10 Dr. Thadar Oo Hlaing Assistant Lecturer 095148334
11 Dr. Aye Pwint Phyu Assistant Lecturer 0973135685
12 Dr. Phyo Kyaw Lynn Assistant Lecturer 095060521
13 Dr. Mi Kun Kaw San Assistant Lecturer 09795290730
14 Dr. May June Hsann Assistant Lecturer 09451236939
15 Dr. Su Mon Thwe Assistant Lecturer 095192654
16 Dr. Khin Hnin Aye Assistant Lecturer 09257273674
17 Dr. Naing Naing Linn Demonstrator 0943086266
18 Dr. Zin Wah Lin Demonstrator 095195219
19 Dr. Waing Thawda Demonstrator 095106904
20 Dr. Mya Kyi Zin Demonstrator 09795312101
21 Dr. Ye Htut Linn Demonstrator 0973017551
22 Dr. Yamin Demonstrator 0943135090
23 Dr. Kyi Kyi Thaw Demonstrator 09450043140
24 Dr. Yin Min Kyaw Demonstrator 095167298
25 Dr. Chan Myae Htoo Demonstrator 095017893
26 Dr. Ni Lar Aye Tun Demonstrator 095507339
27 Dr. Thinzar Demonstrator 09254411448
28 Dr. Ye Win Demonstrator 095061166
29 Dr. Zaw Win Than Demonstrator 095106716
30 Dr. Kay Yi Tun Demonstrator 095175807
31 Dr. Moe Pann Khine Demonstrator 09250141299
32 Dr. Thu Rain Win Demonstrator 09421085879
33 Dr. Pyae Phyo Htet Demonstrator 095060202