Teaching Hospitals


For clinical training of undergraduate as well as post graduate students, many hospitals in Yangon as well as from districts. (which are under the Department of Health.) are designated as affiliated teaching hospitals. The health care personals from these hospitals, who are involved in teaching, are considered as part time faculty members, In Myanmar. Since all health care facilities and health personal Training Universities are under the same Ministry of Health this process of co-ordination and co-participation is greatly facilitated. In Yangon the following hospitals are designated as teaching hospitals;-

  • Yangon General Hospital
  • New Yangon General Hospital
  • Central Women Hospital
  • Yangon Children Hospital
  • East Yangon General Hospital
  • West Yangon General Hospital
  • Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital
  • Yangon Psychiatric Hospital
  • Yangon Orthopaedic Hospital
  • Workers Hospital
From districts, the following hospitals are affiliated teaching hospitals:-
  • Pyay General Hospital
  • Taungoo General Hospital
Institute of Medicine 1 has three campuses, namely:
  • Lanmadaw Campus
  • Pyay Campus
  • Thahtone Campus
Pyay Campus and Thahtone Campus The two campuses are mainly meant for the first two pre-clinical years. Lanmadaw Campus Lanmadaw Campus is the original old campus where all clinical-year students attend. The Administrative Office, The Main Library, and the newly developed Medical Information Center are located in this campus.