Department of Neurology


Background History

The history of Neurology first started in early 1966 with a few hospital beds in the general medical and surgical wards in Yangon General Hospital under Institute of Medicine I. In 1969 the founders Neurosurgeon Dr U Saw Nyunt started with his team made up of Neurologist Dr Myat Kyi Than, Neuro-anesthetist Dr Thaung Tun, and a Neuroradiologist Dr Kyi Lin at an old Chemistry Laboratory of Yangon General Hospital (now the Department of Neurosurgery). Since then the service had gradually gained momentum in quality and quantity through the passing years.

The current Department of Neurology, Yangon General Hospital, the first and foremost Neurology Department in Myanmar which is affiliated with University of Medicine I, was established in November 1983 with Dr Myat Kyi Than at a new four storey building donated by the late Hajima Daw Pu. It is 75 bedded building with Neurophysiology unit and Epilepsy centre (1997).


1. Dr Myat Kyi Than 1983 – 1988
2. Dr Nyunt Win 1989
3. Prof Mi Mi Cho 1990 – 2008
4. Prof Win Min Thit 2008 – to date

Departmental Objectives

  1. To provide comprehensive care to patients with neurological illnesses.
  2. To provide support for and to educate these patients and their carers.
  3. To train (educate) doctors, nurses and other health professionals on neurological disorders.
  4. To perform research on neurological disorders.


To be a renowned department at the leading edge of Neurology, providing quality healthcare to meet our nation’s aspirations.


To deliver quality care to every patient through comprehensive integrated clinical practice, medical innovation and lifelong learning.

Department of Human Resources for Health (DHRH)

No. Rank Number Allowed Number Appointed Vacant
1. Professor 1 1
2. Associated Professor 2 2
3. Lecturer 4 2 2
4. Assistant Lecturer 8 2 6
5. Typist 2 2
6. Secretary 1 1
7. Clerk 1 1
8. Worker 1 1
Total 20 8 12

Department of Medical Services (DMS)

No. Rank Number Allowed Number Appointed Vacant
1. Professor/Head 1 1
2. Senior Consultant Neurologist / AP 2 1 1
3. Consultant Neurologist 4 4
4. Specialist Assistant Surgeon 4 1 3
5. Assistant Surgeon 4 4
6. Sister 2 2
7. Technician (EEG) 2 1 1
8. Technician (Physiotherapist) 1 1
9. S/N 8 6 2
10. T/N 16 7 9
11. L/D 1 1
12. Nurse Aids 4 2 2
13. Worker 13 13
Total 62 44 18

Academic activities

Create academic environment for all the doctors working at the department

  • Neurology complex cases discussion every Wednesday morning
  • Neurology journal reading every Wednesday afternoon on neurology updates
  • Neurology Topic discussion every Friday afternoon
  • Combined clinical meeting monthly CME
  • Internal Medicine monthly clinical meeting CME
  • Annual Myanmar Medical Specialties Conference
  • Biennial Myanmar Medical Specialties Conference
  • Biennial Myanmar Neurology Conference

The Department also regularly organizes workshops and symposiums at least twice a year. The eminent foreign neurologists are invited to give lectures and hands-on training to Neurologists, Neurology doctorate students and master students in Internal Medicine.

Outreach activities

Outreach service of the department include charity medical tours to various towns in Myanmar for persons with neurologic disorders under UM 1 Alumni association, trip to various towns for epilepsy health education and care for patients with epilepsy under Myanmar Epilepsy Initiative, giving CME to general practitioners in various towns on Epilepsy, Trainings of Trainers (ToTs) on Stroke and Epilepsy to Physicians in various towns in Myanmar.

In addition, the department regularly holds “World Stroke Day” and “World Epilepsy Day” yearly for public awareness and health education on Stroke and Epilepsy. The department is also currently carrying out the two WHO Projects – Myanmar Epilepsy Initiative and Dementia Projects.


The Department of Neurology offers both undergraduate and graduate medical education.

The Undergraduate Training

Neurology Department undertakes hospital visit of new first year MBBS students for clinical orientation. Neurologists give lecture on “Applied Neurology” to 2nd year MBBS students and “Therapeutic lecture on Epilepsy” in the 3rd year MBBS Pharmacology class yearly. Every Friday morning, neurologists undertake the teaching of clinical neurological symptoms and signs and systematic examination to 3rd MBBS year students at general medical wards. Neurologists have been giving regular lectures at the Yangon General Hospital lecture theatre on Neurology topics such as stroke, epilepsy, fits and faints, CNS infection and paraparesis, one hour for each topic, to final part II MBBS students every year.

The Postgraduate Training

Doctorate degree in Medical Sciences (Dr. Med Sc) (Neurology) (3years course in Neurology)

Neurology course for Doctorate degree has opened in University of Medicine I in 2002. The Neurology doctorate course is an intensive one covering contents given in prescribed texts. The doctorate curriculum was written in 2000 and updated yearly. Formative assessment is made yearly by both theory and viva voice and summative assessment is done at the end of year 3. Students have to submit their thesis at the end of year 3. At the end of the training programme and after achieving the satisfactory result from examination board, Doctorate degree is conferred to the candidate by the Rector of the university and they are designated as neurologists.

After or during final year of doctorate course, neurologists/neurology doctorate students are sent abroad to Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore/Australia/Netherland for further studies as a fellowship in clinical neurology, Neurophysiology and other subspecialties of Neurology (Epilepsy, Movement disorders, Stroke, Neuromuscular diseases, etc.) according to their interest.

Training for Postgraduate diploma, master and doctorate courses

Neurology Department has comprehensive programme for the following master and doctorate trainees from other specialties posted to the Department as clinical rotation. The programme includes managing patients under guidance of neurologists (regular neurology in-patient ward round and sitting neurology out-patient clinics), teaching ward round with bedside case discussions, lectures, neurology topic discussions, journal readings for neurology updates and mock exam at their exit.


1. Doctorate degree in Medical Sciences (Dr. Med Sc) (Neurology) 3 years
2. 1st year Internal Medicine master students from University of Medicine I 3week rotation
3. Final year Internal Medicine master students from University of Medicine II 1 month rotation
4. Final year Internal Medicine master students from University of Medicine, Magwe 2 week rotation
5. Students from Master degree in Mental Health 3 month rotation
6. Ophthalmology master students 1month rotation
7. Doctorate students from Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine 2 week rotation
8. Master students from Physical and rehabilitation medicine 2 week rotation
9. Master students from Department of Physiology 2 week rotation
10. Paramedical students 2 week rotation

Research Activities

  1. The Department of Neurology has been active in clinical and research
  2. Neurology and internal medicine residents and faculty are encouraged to either participate in ongoing research projects or to initiate their own research projects.

Previous clinical research include

No First Author’s Name Year Remark
1. Dr Mi Mi Cho 2005 The Correlation Of Plasma Homocysteine Concentration With Carotid Artery Intima-Media Wall Thickening And Cerebral Infarction Thesis for Dr. Med Sc
2. Dr Nyan Tun 2005 An Assessment of Quality Of Life In Patients With Epilepsy Before And After Clinical Management Thesis for Dr. Med Sc
3. Dr Thant Zin Soe 2005 Effect of Stroke Education Program On Caregivers’ Burden And Well Being Among Caregivers Of Stroke Patients In Neuromedical Unit Thesis for Dr. Med Sc
4. Dr Phyu Phyu Lay 2007 C-Rcactive Protein (CRP) Measurement As Prognostic Indication For Clinical Outcome Of First Ever Acute Ischaemic Stroke Thesis for Dr. Med Sc
5. Dr Than Win Nyunt 2009 Serum Uric Acid And Early Outcome Of Acute Ischaemic Stroke Thesis for Dr. Med Sc
6. Dr Moe Moe Zaw 2010 Role Of Plasma D-Dimer On Outcome Of Acute Intracerebral Hemorrhage Thesis for Dr. Med Sc
7. Dr San Oo 2011 A Study Of Plasma Homocysteine In Vascular Dementia And Alzheimer’s Disease Thesis for Dr. Med Sc
8. Dr Seinn Mya Mya Aye 2012 Validity And Reliablity Of Clock Drawing Test In Comparison With Mini-Mental State Evamination In Dementia Thesis for Dr. Med Sc
9. Dr Aye Aye Sann 2012 Association Of Serum Magnesium With Carotid Intima Media Thickness In Acute Ischaemic Stroke Thesis for Dr. Med Sc
10. Dr Yin Minn Aye 2013 EEG predicting early clinical outcome of acute ischaemic stroke (2015) Thesis for Dr. Med Sc
11. Dr Soe Mon Mon 2013 Role of nerve conduction study in early detection of peripheral neuropathy in diabetic patients Thesis for Dr. Med Sc
12. Dr Ohnmar 2014 Motor Nerve Conduction Studies And Prognosis Of Guillain-Barre Syndrome Thesis for Dr. Med Sc
  1. Increasing knowledge of Parkinson’s disease among medical Professionals in Southeast Asia: Piloting the Thailand-Myanmar-Laos model in continuing medical education

    Conference -Poster presented at AOPMC 2014
    Author Names -Ohnmar, Yan L Aung, Khin M P P Kyaw, Yin M Aye, San Oo, Seinn MM Aye, Win M Thit
  2. A case of misdiagnosed Huntington disease

    Conference -Poster presented at AOPMC 2014
    Author Names -Ohnmar, Yin M Aye, Soe Mon Mon ,San Oo, Seinn MM Aye, Win M Thit
  3. Stroke Epidemiology and Burden at Neurolomedical Ward (NMW), Yangon Genereal Hospital (YGH)

    Conference -17th Medical Specialties Conference 2015 (Poster)
    Author Names -Ohnmar, Yang Lynn Aung,Tun Zan Maung, Chit Thet Htar Aung, Win Min Thit
  4. HLA-B*15:02 association to Carbanmazepine-induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis in Myanmar.

    Conference -15th Asian and Ocenian Congress of Neurology (Poster)
    Author Names -Amy Hui Ping Khor, Seinn M M Aye, Win M Thit, Yin Minn Aye, Ohnmar, Yan Lynn Aung,Moe Z Myint, Kenf Seang Lim, Chong-Tin Tan, Ching- Ching Ng
  5. Clinical Profile of Wilson’s diseases at Yangon General Hospital, Myanmar.

    Conference -20th International Congress of Parkinson’s disease and Movement disorders 2016 (Poster)
    Author Names -Seinn MM Aye, Khin MPP Kyaw, Zarni M Shwe, Ohnmar, Yin M Aye, Win M Thit
  6. Outcome of Acute ischaemic Stroke Patients after Intravenous Thrombolysis with Alteplase: The First Report from Myanmar.

    Conference -16th Singapore Stroke Conference (2016) (Poster)
    Author Names -Zarni M Shwe, Yan L Aung, Moe Z Myint, Htet H Lin, Khin MPP Kyaw, Yin M Aye, San Oo, Seinn MM Aye,Win M Thit
  7. Profile of Myasthenia gravis patients persented to tertiary Yangon General Hospital, Myanmar.

    Conference -Asian and Oceanian Myology Center 2016 (Poster)
    Author Names -Ohnmar, Yan L Aung, Khin M P P Kyaw, Yin M Aye, San Oo, Seinn MM Aye, Win M Thit
  8. Motor nerve conduction study and Guillain-Barre Syndrome outcome

    Conference -Inflammatory Neuropathy Consortium 2016, University of Glasgow, Scotland (Poster)
    Author Names -Ohnmar, Umapathi T, Yan L Aung, Khin M P P Kyaw, Yin M Aye, San Oo, Seinn MM Aye, Win M Thit
  9. Guillain-Barre Syndrome in tertiary general hospital, Yangon, Myanmar (2015)

    Conference -Inflammatory Neuropathy Consortium 2016, University of Glasgow, Scotland (Oral presentation, Achieved Pamberton’s prize)
    Author Names -Ohnmar, Umapathi T ,Yan L Aung, Khin M P P Kyaw, Yin M Aye, San Oo, Seinn MM Aye, Win M Thit
  10. Adult inherited myopathies in a tertiary general hospital, Myanmar

    Conference -Poster presentation at AOMC 2017 (Singapore)
    Author Names -Ohnmar, Zarni Myint Shwe, Htet Htet Lin, Moe Zaw Myint,Yan L Aung, Khin M P P Kyaw, Yin M Aye, San Oo, Seinn MM Aye, Win M Thit, Umapathi T, Nishino I
  11. Caring for Neuromyelitis optica patients in Yangon, Myanmar

    Conference -21st International Congress of Parkinson’s disease and Movement disorders (2017)
    Author Names -Htet Htet Lin, Elizabeth , Seinn MM Aye, Win M Thit

Other ongoing clinical studies are

No Name Started Year
1. Dr Khin Myat Po Po Kyaw 2015 Progression of middle cerebral artery occlusive disease and its relationship with further vascular events after stroke
2. Dr Zarni Myint Shwe 2016 Autonomic Dysfunction and Clinical severity in Parkinson’s Disease
3. Dr Moe Zaw Myint 2016 Diagnostics Value of Transcranial Doppler in Decting the Carebral Vasculopathy in Patients with Tuberculous Meningitis
4. Dr Yan Lynn Aung 2016 Outcome of limited plasma exchange in patients with Guillain-Barre syndrome
5. Dr Htet Htet Lin 2016 Prognostic Indicators of patients with Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorders
6. Dr Khine Yee Mon 2017 Prediction of post stroke cognitive impairment in patients with mild acute ischemic stroke
7. Dr Zin Phyu Tun 2017 Electrodiagnostic accuracy of Rajabally et al’s criteria in differentiating Guillain – Barre Syndrome subtypes
8. Dr Soe Thinzar Oo 2017 Validity of visual cognitive Assessment Test in Patients with cognitive impairment

Current Research Projects

1. Myositis autoantibody profiles and clinico-pathological association in patients with inflammatory myositis at tertiary hospital, Myanmar DMR External Grant 2017
2. Study on Knowledge, Attitude, Practice and Accessibility to health care service for stroke risk factor modification among patients with first ever stroke at tertiary care hospitals in Myanmar Implementation research 2017
3. Study on treatment outcomes of Ischemic Stroke patients with onset within 24 hours admitted to the Yangon General Hospital Neurology Department Implementation research 2017

Department of Neurology- Telephone No. and Email

No Name Rank Phone Number Email
1. Professor Dr Win Min Thit Professor & Head 09 500 5525
2. Professor Dr San Oo Professor 09 513 0867
3. AP Dr Yin Minn Aye Associated Professor 09 503 6905
4. Dr Ohnmar Lecturer 09 519 8124
5. Dr Khin Myat Po Po Kyaw 3rd Year Student 09 43033304
6. Dr Zarni Myint Shwe 2nd Year Student 09 503 8595
7. Dr Moe Zaw Myint 2nd Year Student 09 5117750
8. Dr Yan Lynn Aung 2nd Year Student 09 503 7697
9. Dr Htet Htet Lin 2nd Year Student 09 204 3113
10. Dr Zin Phyu Tun 1st Year Student 09 975 500 121
11. Dr Khine Yee Mon 1st Year Student 09 962 734 610
12. Dr Soe Thinzar Oo 1st Year Student 09 507 9707