Current Activities Department of Neurologists

The neurologists from all medical universities in Myanmar constitute Myanmar Neurological Society (MNS) which is under Myanmar Medical Association (MMA). MNS makes annual and around quarterly meeting where all the members meet and decide on making neurological conferences, workshops and symposiums and sending foreign training for junior neurologists. Nearly all members involved in weekly journal readings where neurology updates are read and discussed to keep up our neurology knowledge with time. As a MNS activity, neurologists participate in regular lectures to general practitioners (GP) at Myanmar Medical Association in GP courses such as “Emergency Management Course for GPs”, “Diagnostic Medicine/Minor Surgical procedures course”. Moreover, MNS also organizes neurology CME on common neurological diseases in various townships aiming for GPs in addition to involving in annual MMA conferences. The goal is to provide general practitioners with the fundamental skills to recognize, diagnose, and formulate an initial treatment plan for patients with common neurologic disorders likely to encounter in their practice.