Department of Pathology


Background History

When the M.B.,B.S course was introduced in 1923, Pathology was taught in the third year and final years for a total duration of three years. The major subject was taught as Special Pathology and minor subject as General Pathology which included Bacteriology and Parasitology. At that time, General and Special Pathology were taught for one year in the third year, and Bacteriology and medical Zoology were taught under pathology subject. But in the new M.B.,B.S curriculum formed in 1935-36, Pathology was included in the Final Part I curriculum. Major C de C Martin, MB IMS, acted as Professor of Pathology in 1930 and M.K.P Kunda, MB, was Assistant Lecturer.

In 1958, a separate department, the Department of Microbiology took over the teaching of Microbiology. In the post-war period, Pathology was taught as General Pathology and Hematology in the third year and as Systemic Pathology in the Final Part I course. Dr. Khin Maung Win, who attended the LSMB course during the war and later obtained the MBBS degree from India, was the central pillar in the post-war pathology field. In 1956, he was appointed as the first Professor of Pathology and became the most senior Professor of the Rangoon Medical College. After the Institute of Medicine (1) was opened, he became the first Professor and Head of the Pathology Department who was a Myanmar national.

In 1991, the Diploma in Pathology course was upgraded to Master of Medical Science (Pathology) and in 1997 the Ph.D (Pathology) course was initiated while Professor U Tha Aung was Head of Department. Currently, the Pathology Department also takes responsibility of the UM (1) medical museum.


1. Prof . Khin Maung Win 1965-1978
2. Prof . Hla Thein 1978-1982
3. Prof . Hla Myint 1982-1988
4. Prof . Hta Kyu 1988-1990
5. Prof . Tha Aung 1990-1998
6. Prof . Khine San Yin M.B.,B.S,Diploma(Pathology) FRCPathPh.D (Hons) Dip. Med.Ed 1998-2006
7. Prof . Aye Aye Myint M.B., B.S, Diploma (Pathology), M.Med.Sc (Pathology) Ph.D (Pathology) Dip. Med.Ed 2007-2013
8. Prof . Myat Mon M.B.,B.S, Diploma (Pathology), M.Med.Sc (Pathology) Ph.D (Pathology) Dip. Med.Ed 2013-2016
9. Prof.  Myint Myint Nyein M.B., B.S, M.Med.Sc (Pathology) Ph.D (Pathology) Dip. Med.Ed 2016- to date

Organization Setup

1. Prof. Myint Myint Nyein Prof/Head
2. Dr.Swe Nwe Win Associate Professor
3. Dr.Saw Wut Hmone Associate Professor
4. Dr. May Thwe Lin Associate Professor
5. Dr. Su Sandar Ko Lay Lecturer
6. Dr. Swe Zin Myint Lecturer
7. Dr.Khine Nilar Swe Lecturer
8. Dr. Kay Thwe Oo  Lecturer
9.  Dr. Su Nandar Myint  Lecturer
10.  Dr. Kyi  Kyi Khaing  Lecturer
11.  Dr.Khin Sandar Oo  Lecturer
12.  Dr.Pyone Pyone Soe  Lecturer
13.  Dr. May Phyu Oo  Assistant Lecturer
14.  Dr. Ei Shwe Win  Assistant Lecturer
15.  Dr. Kyi Su Mon  Assistant Lecturer
16.  Dr. Tun Aung Cho  Assistant Lecturer
17.  Dr. Shwe Tharaphi Aye  Assistant Lecturer
18.  Dr.May Lwin Show  Demonstrator
19.  Dr.Sai Than Htut Zaw  Demonstrator

Department of Pathology- Telephone No. and Email

No Name Rank Phone Number Email
 1.  Dr.Myint Myint Nyein  Professor & Head  095340133
 2.  Dr. Swe Nwe Win  Associate Professor  095060656
3. Dr. Saw Wut Hmone Associate Professor 095046510
 4.  Dr. May Thwe Lin  Associate Professor  095153553
 5.  Dr. Su Sandar Ko Lay  Lecturer  0973240576
 6.  Dr. Swe Zin Myint  Lecturer  095117638, 09785117638
 7.  Dr. Khine Nilar Swe  Lecturer  09420723293
 8.  Dr. Su Nandar Myint  Lecturer  095106161
 9.  Dr. Kay Thwe Oo  Lecturer  095151069
 10.  Dr. Kyi Kyi Khaing  Lecturer  0943140459
 11.  Dr. Khin Sandar Oo  Lecturer  095194604
 12. Dr. Pyone Pyone Soe Lecturer 095407067
13. Dr. May Phyu Oo Assistant Lecturer 0961106622
14. Dr. Ei Shwe Win Assistant Lecturer 095141310
15. Dr. Kyi Su Mon Assistant Lecturer 095145393
16. Dr. Tun Aung Cho Assistant Lecturer 095093457
17 .  Dr.Shwe Tharaphi Aye  Assistant Lecturer  095096236, 098515213
 18.  Dr. May Lwin Show  Demonstrator  095049511
 19.  Dr.Sai Thant Htut Zaw  Demonstrator  095050438

Current and New activities

The department of pathology (UM1), is taking responsibility in teaching pathology for Undergraduate course (3rd M.B.,B.S and Final Part I M.B.,B.S), Postgraduate course (M.Med.Sc), Doctorate course (PhD) and Diploma course. Furthermore, our department is responsible for teaching part of pathology in other disciplines of Master and Diploma degrees such as Surgery, OG, Oncology, Forensic, Skin and STD. The department of pathology (UM1), is also doing research mainly based on immunoexpression of various oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, cell cycle regulatory genes and metalloproteinase that are capable of giving diagnosis and predicting prognosis of a variety of malignant tumors. Our Ph.D students are doing research on variety of tumors by molecular technologies such as EGFR mutation in adenocarcinoma lungs, VHL gene mutation in renal cell carcinoma, BRAF mutation in papillary carcinoma thyroid, FGFR3 mutation in urothelial carcinoma of urinary bladder, p16 INK4 DNA methylation in hepatocellular carcinoma and epigenetic study in renal cell carcinoma. In addition, recently we have collaborated with the cell biology and cell histology department of Nagasaki University regarding hepatocellular carcinoma based on DNA hypermethylation on a variety of tumor suppressor gene. Furthermore, our department is starting to collaborate with nephrology department and department of medical research on glomerular diseases deeply upto electron microscopy level. Pathology Research Laboratory has been set up in our department. In this Laboratory, immunohistochemistry can be done for clinical diagnostic purpose, research purpose for both intradepartmental and interdepartmental researchers. Now, we are planning to set up a molecular technology in this Laboratory.