Department of Pediatrics


Background History

The Department of Child Health became an independent major clinical department in the academic year 1964-65. The staff, at that time, consisted of one part-time lecturer and head, and one full-time assistant lecturer. The Head of the Department was Dr.U Tin U.

In 1966-67, two full-time assistant lecturer posts and three part time lecturer posts were created in addition to three part-time clinical tutors. In 1971-72, Chair for Department of Child Health was created and Dr.U Tin U was appointed as Professor and continued to be the Head of the Department. The current set-up for the department since 2003 consists of one professor and head, two clinical professors, six associate professors, twelve lecturers and twenty four assistant lecturers.

The first post-graduate course in Pediatrics, Diploma in Child Health, was inaugurated in May, 1971. School of Child Health was founded as one of the five postgraduate schools directly under the charge of the Director-General of Medical Education and it continued to offer Diploma course up to 1988. The first Master of Medical Science (Pediatrics) course was inaugurated in 1976. It was a two year course with an additional one year clinical training after graduation when it was started. However, this was modified to a three year programme in 1998 to have structured and comprehensive training. The first Doctorate of Medical Science (General Pediatrics) course was initiated in 1997.Diploma in Child Health Course was initiated in 2014.


1. Prof. Tin U M.B.,B.S., DCH (Lond) , MRCP (Edin), FRCP (Edin) 1963-1983
2. Prof. Myo Min Aung M.B.,B.S., DCH (Lond) , MRCP (Edin), FRCP (Edin) 1983-1988
3. Prof. Thein Thein Myint M.B.,B.S., DCH (Lond) , MRCP (Edin), FRCP (Edin),
FRCP (Lond), FRCPCH, r.Med.Sc. (Hon)
4. Prof. Thein Aung M.B.,B.S., DCH (Lond) , MRCP (UK), FRCP (Edin),
FRCPCH, Dr.Med.Sc. (Hon)
5. Prof.Aye Maung Han M.B.,B.S., DCH , M.Med.Sc.(Paed.), MRCP (UK),
FRCP (Edin), FRCPCH, Dr.Med.Sc.(Paed.)
6. Prof. Khin Htwe M.B.,B.S., DCH , M.Med.Sc.(Paed.), MRCP (UK), FRCP (Edin),
MRCPCH, Dr.Med.Sc.(Paed.)
7. Prof. Kyu Kyu Khin M.B.,B.S., DCH , M.Med.Sc.(Paed.), MRCP (UK), MRCPCH,
Dip.Med.Ed., FRCP (Edin)
8. Prof. Saw Win M.B.,B.S., DCH , M.Med.Sc.(Paed.), MRCP (UK), MRCPCH,
DCH (Glasgow),DTM&H, Dip.Med.Ed., FRCP (Edin)
9. Prof. Ye Myint Kyaw M.B.,B.S.,M.Med.Sc.(Paed.), MRCP (UK), MRCPCH(UK), DCH(Glasgow),
Dr.M.Med.Sc.(Paed.)FRCP (Edin), Dip.Med.Ed., FRCPCH
2013- to date

Professor Emeritus

  1. Prof. Aye Maung Han (University of Medicine 1) M.B.,B.S., DCH , M.Med.Sc.(Paed.), MRCP (UK), FRCP (Edin), FRCPCH, Dr.Med.Sc.(Paed.)
  2. Prof. Pe Thet Khin (University of Medicine 1) M.B.,B.S., M.Med.Sc.(Paed.), MRCP (UK), MRCPCH, FRCP (Edin), Dip.Med.Ed.

Honorable Professor

  1. Prof.Yi Yi Khin M.B.,B.S., M.Med.Sc.(Paed.), MRCPCH (UK), Dip.Med.Ed, FRCP (Glasgow)

Organization Setup

စဥ္ ရာထူး ခန႔္ထားရန္ ရွိ လစ္လပ္
၁။ ပါေမာကၡ/ဌာနမႉး
၂။ ပါေမာကၡ
၃။ တြဲဖက္ပါေမာကၡ
၄။ ကထိက ၁၂ ၁၁
၅။ လက္ေထာက္ကထိက ၂၄ ၁၀ ၁၄
၆။ ဝန္ထမ္း
စုစုေပါင္း ၄၅+၇=၅၂ ၂၉+၄=၃၃ ၁၆+၃=၁၉
Professor & Head Prof Ye Myint Kyaw
Professor Prof May Lwin Professor Prof Ei Phyu Lwin
Associate Professor Dr.Tin Tin Aye Associate Professor Dr.Kyu KyuWin Associate Professor Dr.Naing Oo Associate Professor Dr.Khin Swe Aye Associate Professor Dr.Tin Moe Phyu လစ္လပ္
Lecturer Dr.Su LinnHlaing Lecturer Dr. May Thet Swe Lecturer Dr.Thin Myat Moe Lecturer Dr.Nyein Aye Wint Lecturer Dr.Thuzar Myint Lecturer Dr.Myat Thidar Seinn
Lecturer Dr.Aye Mu Sann Lecturer Dr.Thet Htar Shwe Sin Win Lecturer Dr. Myint Myint Than Lecturer Dr. Khaing Mi Mi Ko Lecturer Dr. Sandar Ko Lecturer လစ္လပ္
Assistant Lecture Dr.Ei Ei Khaing Assistant Lecture Dr.Lwin Mar Phyo Assistant Lecture Dr.Aye Myat Sandar Win Assistant Lecture Dr.Theint Theint Thu Assistant Lecture Dr.Su Myat Tin Assistant Lecture Dr.Mon Thandar Saw
Assistant Lecture Dr. Su Myat Soe Assistant Lecture Dr. May Oo Khaing Assistant Lecture Dr.Hnin Ou Lwin Assistant Lecture Dr.Kyaw Linn Htet AL လစ္လပ္ AL လစ္လပ္
AL လစ္လပ္ AL လစ္လပ္ AL လစ္လပ္ AL လစ္လပ္ AL လစ္လပ္ AL လစ္လပ္ AL လစ္လပ္ AL လစ္လပ္ AL လစ္လပ္ AL လစ္လပ္ AL လစ္လပ္ AL လစ္လပ္
ဝန္ထမ္း လစ္လပ္ ဝန္ထမ္း လစ္လပ္ ဝန္ထမ္း လစ္လပ္ Typewriter Daw Hla Hla Maw Typewriter Daw Khin Pyone Wai Computer Typing Daw Aye Myat Thu Generalworker Daw Win Mar

Department of Pediatrics- Telephone No. and Email

No Name Phone Number Email
1. Professor Ye Myint Kyaw 01- 218426/09-5102483
2. Professor May Lwin 09-5009743
3. Professor Ei Phyu Lwin 09-5020908
4. A P Dr Tin Tin Aye 09- 5014046
5. AP Dr.Kyu Kyu Win 09- 5161991
6. AP Dr.Naing Oo 09-5006158
7. AP Dr.Khin Swe Aye 09-5145070
8. AP Dr.Tin Moe Phyu 09-5003364
9. Dr.Su Linn Hlaing 09-5144537
10. Dr.May Thet Swe 09-31263633
11. Dr.Thin Myat Moe 09-5194092
12. Dr.Nyein Aye Wint 09-5060865
13. Dr.Thuzar Myint 09-5105844
14. Dr.Myat Thida Seinn 09-5190582
15. Dr.Aye Mu Sann 09-73003455
16. Dr.Myint Myint Than 09-5344097
17. Dr.Thet Htar Shwe Sin Win 09-5342461
18. Dr.Sandar Ko 09-5043887
19. Dr.Khaing Mi Mi Ko 09-5013797
20. Dr.Lwin Mar Phyo 09-2000250
21. Dr.Aye Myat Sandar Win 09-5045229
22. Dr.Theint Theint Thu 09-5082235
23. Dr.Su Myat Tin 09-5042481
24. Dr.Mon Thandar Saw 09-5197144
25. Dr.Ei Ei Khaing 09-5020396
26. Dr.Su Myat Soe 09-5502814
27. Dr.Kyaw Linn Htet 09-254591275
28. Dr.May Oo Khaing 09-5001962
29. Dr.Hnin Ou Lwin 09-420027476