Department of Physiology


Departmental Objectives

¬† At the end of the course of Instruction, the learner should have acquired requisite KNOWLEDGE of the normal functions of the human body basic laws and principles underlying physiologic processes interactions and interrelations among the body systems working of the body under certain environmental and pathophysiological conditions the body’s responses to stress (the neurophysiologic basis of human behaviour) be able to demonstrate SKILLS in performing, recording and interpreting certain laboratory tests performing certain aspects of clinical examination problem solving and interpreting the given data performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation as a first aid measure using the instruments that are commonly used by community doctors interpersonal communication show the HABITS of applying scientific method in approaching / solving problems applying / disseminating physiologic knowledge in improving the lifestyles and the health standards of oneself, one’s family and one’s community taking responsibilitites and maintenance of discipline participating in team work develop sound¬† ATTITUDES regarding the importance of physiology as a basis for understanding clinical disciplines regarding the person as a whole and as an integral part of his family and his community (holistic outlook) towards the need for continuing self-education through critical reading and evaluation of information towards the need for ethical considerations