Those entitled to be member of the University of Medicine(1) Library:
  1. All registered undergraduate students of the Uiversity except 1st. & 2nd. M.B.B.S students who may be member at the Branch Library (Pyay Street Campus).
  2. All registered postgraduate students of the University.
  3. Full-time and part-time academic staff of the University.
  4. External users may use and borrow the library materials only by Sa Ma card.

 Loan rules

  1. Undergraduate students may borrow 2 books at a time.
  2. Postgraduate students and academic staff may borrow 3 books at a time.
  3. All books except reference may be borrowed 2 weeks per each.
  4. Reference books are allowed to borrow overnight only.
  5. Journals are not allowed to borrow.
  6. Members must return or renew their books when due.
  7. Membership card will not be allowed to transfer.
  8. All books must be returned immediately when recalled.
  1. All members are allowed two renewals, but it is not a reserved book which will be allowed for next renewal.
  2. Members can place a hold (reserve) on a book at the Circulation Section.
  1. Reference books including dissertations may be collected one hour before the library closes.
  2. It must be returned before 11:00 am the next opening day.
4.Overdue Books
  1. Fines are leived on overdue books.
  2. Rates of fines are mentioned below:
  3. -Two weeks loan book- kyats 5 per day.
  4. -Overnight loan book- kyats 10 per day.