Department of Thoracic Surgery



By the year, 2015 there are less than ten thoracic surgeons for 51 million populations in Myanmar. In addition, there are only two full-fledged thoracic surgical centres or departments for curative and medical education purpose. Traditionally, thoracic surgical trainees are recruited from general surgeons who are interested in thoracic surgery for doctorate degree. This is a three-year structured training course including clinical knowledge, skill and practice; and a research thesis as well. The number of candidate joining this program is less and less each year because their age is relatively older to start a new surgical field, which requires high technical skill. Thoracic surgery is now recognized as an independent surgical subspecialty with its unique anaesthetic considerations and technologic breakthroughs. Nowadays it is virtually impossible for any single individual to master all surgical fields. Therefore, new generation thoracic surgeons should be trained as early as possible. This programme is intended to produce a master level thoracic surgeons in their early life, devoting their professional efforts to the breadth of pathology encompassed within this field. Inevitably, they will raise their professional knowledge, skill and practice to doctorate level subsequently.


1. To provide a post-graduate training of a master level in Thoracic Surgery.
2. To provide qualified clinicians in accordance with National Health Policy and National Health Plan.
3 .To upgrade the level of clinical competency to keep abreast with international level.
Philosophy: The training should be competency based and delivered through structurally organized training programme (not just rotational training).The programme should be effective, efficient, flexible and internationalized. Training should be in-service training under the supervision of competent trainers. It should reflect the promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects on the related health problems of Myanmar patients to the speciality. This programme is based on applied basic sciences and advanced knowledge and skills in clinical sciences.